Winter activities
Svarstad and Lardal can offer good ski conditions. Vindfjell/Skrim area has a long and well prepared ski track for those who prefer cross-country skiing. Borgen ski stadium that is only 9 km away from Nedre Tanum, is also an alternative for those who enjoy cross-country.
Kjærra Fossepark
The waterfall park was awarded outdoor area of Vestfold both in 1995 and 2001. The area is one of a kind when it comes to nature and cultural activities. Each Thursday in the summer months you can participate in the exciting act of fishing for salmon in the historical fish traps. Kjærra amphitheatre has a long list of Norwegian artists that have preformed over the past years. Some of the international acts to visit have been Denmark’s Hanne Boel and the legendry Smokie.


Nedre Tanum Gjestegård
Høyt og Lavt Climbing park
Høyt og Lavt Climbing park is Scandinavias largest outdoors climbing park. Here can you find many diffenrent obsticale course that take you on exciting tracks through the forest, up in the trees, over rivers and flying through the air.
Salmon fishing
Nedre Tanum is a short walk from the salmon fishing of Numedalslågen, closer to the point Brufoss. Lågen is among the 10 best salmon rivers in Norway. Up river, from Holmsfoss to Hvittingfoss, the fishing is from the 10th of June to the 10th of September in 2009. The salmon has usually reached Brufoss in the second half of June.

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