About us

The house at Nedre Tanum was built in the early 1930’s and on the second floor the bedrooms stand side by side. The thought at that time was to let the two unmarried daughters on the farm run a respite centre for retired priests. Though this never came to fruition.

Today family Akselsen Seawright wish to provide you with an exciting and different accommodation experience. You can come and stay and live with us in our home. Nedre Tanum Gjestegård is situated in natural surroundings in the middle of Lågendalen. Other activities we can name are salmon fishing in the summer and good ski conditions in winter.

For the summer of 2018, we wish you welcome from mid summer (23rd of June) through to and including Sunday the 19th of August. We can also take bookings for the rest of the year on request.
Nedre Tanum Gjestegård
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Tanumgrenda 63, 3275 Svarstad
tlf +47 99 55 02 38